Annette Remmert
Annette RemmertManaging Director

We Love Our Business!

Belgravia Block Management has a small and dedicated team made up from direct employees and specialist contractors. The business is managed by Annette Remmert, who is the founder and managing director of Belgravia Block Management Ltd. Annette has a background in accounting and corporate management. Taking the plunge to create the business was an easy decision for Annette, having previously taken over managing the apartment block she lived in, the inspiration was born! The Company was founded as a direct result of Annette having lived in an apartment block that required hands on management therefore she has had first hand experience of managing the challenges that apartment block management can bring. Annettes' passion and desire to create a clean, desirable and comfortable living space, for the benefit of not only herself, but co-owners and tenants alike, prompted her into action. The company mission statement is developed from this experience and is the model for our future success. This continues to be a work in progress as we strive for continuous improvement. Taking the view your property is a home, not part of our commercial business, allows us to focus on what's important to you as an owner. We pride ourselves that you are able to enjoy your property, whilst we take care of maintaining it to the highest possible standards.
We are extremely proud to be responsible for the management and maintenance of our clients properties!

Our property team are here to help.

Our office team is complimented by our many colleagues and contractors working on site to ensure that all properties are maintained to the required standard.

We Love Where We Work!

Belgravia Block Management
Belgravia Block Management

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Our office space reflects our approach to our business. Its organised, calm, friendly... stop by, meet us and enjoy a tranquil coffee!